September 26, 2016

So everyday I get to live the dyeing life. A life crafted of yarn, horses, land, assorted pets, and my work. My life/My work. They really do blend together. 

Everyday I get to walk 15 steps to our studio.  And everyday I get to take a mental health break and visit with my crew in the pasture. It's a life purposefully crafted to be sustainable for me and mine.  

If I constantly worked with numbers, I'd go numb. If I wrote all day, I'd be fried. The physicality of yarn dyeing keeps me connected to my b...

September 7, 2016

With the advent of our new web site design, we wanted to add a few special things to excite and entice our customers.

Wild Ponies are the newest member of the Shalimar family - limited and exclusively unique lots of gorgeous, saturated color on assorted luxury bases. Wild Ponies will be available periodically through our new shop site here on the web site...also known as the 'Corral'. 

The Corral will be where you'll find:

                       - Introductions of our newest bases...

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Wondering how best to handle your 

finished projects? Refer to our new

Care and Handling PDF 

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